Rackley Roofing was called in by this building owner to locate and repair several roof leaks that had been occurring consistently since another roofing contractor had installed this roof. Once on site, our team quickly discovered that the original installation had been performed incorrectly, so we decided the best course of action for this client was to propose the installation of an entirely-new roof system.

After we consulted with the client to highlight and discuss their various options, we were able to convince that a full roof replacement was the best way to go. We carefully tore off the five-year-old roof system before installing a fully-tapered insulation, Carlisle 115 mil fleeceback TPO, and we were able to extend a 15-year warranty to the client. Our team is very proud of the results of this 7,000 square foot commercial roofing project, and we’re very confident it will perform far better than the original roofing system for the next decade and beyond.

Roof Manufacturer: Carlisle Syntec Roof Size

Roof Size: 7,000 sq ft

Roof System: TPO Fleeceback

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